Have you ever put on an outfit and it looks great, then another time you put on the same outfit and it lacks that same pizzazz ? It is the same outfit. It has not changed, so what has changed ? YOU !!!

YOU are the one changing. There is an invisible effect going on with your psyche. There are rhythms and cycles going on in the body that are affecting your body's energies.

These cycles and rhythms in your body call for certain colors at certain times. This is why you looked particularly good in the outfit one time, and it did nothing for you the next time you put it on.

Now you can plan an outfit days, weeks and months in advance. Your color rhythms will also minimize the time in determining "What do I wear today decision."

Wearing your best colors at specific times is the key to looking your best every day. Wearing the color(s) you need at the time you need them is what MY COLOR RHYTHMS is all about.

We are pleased to offer you three different levels of MY COLOR RHYTHMS

SILVER is the most basic level. Silver allows you to view your colors, as well as one friend or family member, for any single day for up to one year in the future.

GOLD offers everything in Silver, plus Gold allows you to view and print your colors, as well as well as up to four friends or family members, for up to as many as seven consecutive days.

DIAMOND offers everything in Gold, plus A DAILY EMAIL Diamond is our most popular level for those who want to look their best everyday. Each day you will receive an email indicating your colors for that day, the following day and the day after.